Aeterna (クオン Kuon) is a character in I Am Setsuna. She volunteered to be Setsuna's guard in the sacrificial pilgrimige. She is displayed as Hooded Girl (フードの少女 Hūdo no Shōjo) upon introduction.

Background Edit

Aeterna joined Setsuna's guard to accompany her on her sacrificial pilgrimage. Two weeks before the start of the pilgrimage, she came to Nive Village.

Story Edit

Aeterna shows up with Raishin when Endir is with Setsuna at the Falling Snow Monument to kill her, to stop him from doing so. She powers up her magic and they defeat Endir.

Trivia Edit

  • Aeterna in Latin is the feminine form of aeternus, which means endless, immortal; similarly, the Japanese word kuon (久遠) means eternity.
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