Endir (エンド Endo) is the protagonist or hero (主人公 shujinkō) of I Am Setsuna. He is a warrior who joins Setsuna on her journey. Endir is the default name he is given; the player gets an option at the very beginning of the game to customize Endir's name instead.

Background Edit

Endir is a mercenary from a masked tribe of sword fighters and is known for bringing all of his missions to a successful end.

Story Edit

Introduction Edit

Endir meets Hapsper for a shorter mission with him to rescue a girl from monsters in Hymncott Forest. They complete the mission successfully, defeating several Pengy monsters and a Jaboo in the process, before they part ways and Hapsper leaves to bring the girl to her father. As soon as Hapsper is gone, a Mysterious Man shows up to give Endir his next mission: to kill Setsuna.

Nive Island Edit

After receiving his new mission, Endir leaves on a ship for Nive Village, where Setsuna lives.

Spritnites Edit

  • Aura
  • Cyclone

Trivia Edit

  • Endir's name is likely an allusion on the word end; the original Japanese version is also a phonetic transcription of the English end.
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