Hapsper (キト Kito), first displayed as Old Masked Man (仮面の老人 Kamen no Roujin), is an old mercenary from the same masked tribe as Endir. He is the first character Endir encounters in the introduction section of I Am Setsuna. After their encounter in Hymncott Forest, Hapsper and Endir leave on a mission to assianate a girl.

Story Edit

Hapsper and Endir meet because they were hired by a man to retrieve and protect his daughter from monster. They encounter each other in Hymncott Forest and exchange introductions. While traveling together, Endir fights a single and then a couple Pengy monsters, while Hapsper gives him explanations and provides him with his first spritnite, Cyclone.

Continuing their way, Endir notices faint light rings, but Hapsper cannot see them and thinks that Endir has sensed the presence of more monsters further up in the woods, so they decide to quickly move on. They find the girl and she is conscious but alive. However, a large monster appears nearby and Endir has to fight first.

After Jaboo has been defeated, the girl regains consciousness. She is confused, but Endir and Hapsper tell her that she does not need to be afraid because the monsters are taken care of. After giving him his share of the mission payment and a short conversation, Hapsper bids Endir farewell. He leaves to bring the girl back home to her father, as was also part of his mission. Endir goes his own way.