Materials can be dropped by monsters or shining spots.


Name Type of kill Monster
Majestic Crest Normal Pengy, Hoppy
Pengy's Treasure Rare Pengy, Hoppy
Round Stone Over Pengy, Hoppy
Sturdy Sheet Metal Exact Pengy, Hoppy
Prayer Pebble Light Pengy, Hoppy
Beach Sand Shadow Pengy, Hoppy
Miniature Cherry Branch Fire Pengy, Hoppy
Minitature Cherry Blossom Water Pengy, Hoppy
Miniature Cherry Root Time Pengy, Hoppy
Unknown Shell Momentum Pengy, Hoppy
Thawdrop Debuff Pengy, Hoppy
Large Leaf Link Pengy, Hoppy
Madara Spritnite Normal Scarly
Royal Crown Normal, Over King Hoppy
Royal Beak Water King Hoppy
Royal Feather Light King Hoppy
Royal Gallstone Momentum, Link King Hoppy
Beehive Claw Normal, Light Jaboo
High-Grade Honey Exact Jaboo
Honey-Bamboo Shoot Momentum, Link Jaboo
Warm Ear Fur Normal Muffy, Chocolly
Bushy Ear Rare Muffy
??? Over Muffy
Mountain Lily Flower Exact Muffy, Chocolly
??? Fire Muffy
??? Water Muffy
??? Light Muffy
??? Shadow Muffy
Imp Walnut Root Time Muffy, Chocolly
Pale Pink Gem Momentum Muffy, Chocolly
Rusty coin Debuff Muffy
??? Link Muffy
Perfect Snowball Normal Roly-poly
Jagged Right Tail Rare Roly-poly
Inverted Icicle-Flower Over Roly-poly
Millenial Ice Lump Exact Roly-poly
Moss-Oak Branch Fire Roly-poly
??? Water Roly-poly
??? Light Roly-poly
??? Shadow Roly-poly
Moss-Oak Root Time Roly-poly
Rainbow Gem Momentum Roly-poly
Millenial Meltwater Debuff Roly-poly
Fossilized Snow Link Roly-poly
Slippery Hide Normal Waloompa
Smooth Oil Rare Waloompa
??? Over Waloompa
Iron Snowsand Exact Waloompa

Shining spotsEdit

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