Setsuna (セツナ Setsuna) is one of the playable characters and the title character of I Am Setsuna. She is an eighteen year old girl and lives on an island that is frequently harassed by demons.

Setsuna is first displayed as Fair-Skinned Girl (白い肌の少女 Shiroi Hada no Shōjo), until she introuces herself to Endir in their encounter at the Falling Snow Monument.

Background Edit

Setsuna lives on Nive Island, where there is a tradition to appease a malicious fiend with a sacrifice every ten years. Because the fiend is impatient and monsters are already harassing the inhabitants of the island again, Setsuna is chosen as the next sacrifice before the ten years have passed. Because of this, Setsuna leaves the island on the sacrificial pilgrimage in order to protect the people of the island.

The inhabitants of Nive Village describe Setsuna as a very kind-hearted girl who is concerned with the people in the village. She is known to often pray to the previous sacrifices at the Falling Snow Monument and likes arctic cauliflower soup.

Story Edit

Setsuna is praying to her mother Mana, a previous sacrifice, at the Falling Snow Monument when she first encounters Endir. Realizing that he has come to kill her, she introduces herself as the sacrifice and says that she is bound to die anyway.

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